Podcast: Reputation management is your most valuable asset: How to manage it day-to-day, not just in a crisis

By Dodge Communications on December 1st, 2017

Crisis communications and reputation management often go hand in hand: A crisis occurs and the reputation of the company has to be built back to what it once was. Yet, why should the reaction to a crisis define your reputation plan?

A positive reputation, and foundation of consumer trust, comes from ongoing authentic and relevant communications, meaningful relationships through fostered engagement and customer success stories that portray your company in a positive light. Your company’s reputation should be considered during any communications plan – even if a crisis is not on the horizon.

Listen to this podcast featuring Dodge Communications’ Chowning Johnson, executive vice president of account management, and Kelcie Chambers, account director, discussing brands that have managed well (and some that have managed poorly) with reputation after a crisis and best practices for proactive reputation management.

Takeaways include: 

  1. How the definition of reputation has changed and the opportunity it provides to both B2B and B2C companies to impact customer loyalty and its bottom line
  2. What proactive and effective reputation management looks like
  3. The value of happy, dedicated customers and how to leverage their voices to increase brand awareness and improve reputation and perception
  4. Immediate next steps to include reputation management in any marketing and communication plan

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