How to build a trusted brand that turns customers into true believers

Bridging the trust gap between consumers and brands

Have we become a nation of cynics? Every day we are consumed with bad information and bad deeds that litter the news, leading to broken public trust in leading brands and foundational institutions. Our trust in the nation’s major institutions has been eroding for decades and is a fraction of what it was nearly 40 years ago for 10 out of 14 institutions.

At a time when customer experiences are critical to engaging consumers, and when consumer advocacy is one of the most powerful tools a brand can command, consumer trust is a core competitive advantage. Businesses that consistently demonstrate certain qualities will create a better consumer experience and earn their trust, thereby driving growth, improving loyalty and creating true believers out of them.

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Trust, power and PR – How to uplift your brand’s reputation

Public relations has the unmatched power to foster credibility as well as guard and boost company reputation. In an era of declining trust, new channels, regulatory mandates and financial pressures have prompted a shift in thinking around the traditional lines between PR, marketing and digital programs to help companies validate their positioning, increase credibility and create trustworthy relationships with customers.

In this eBook, PR experts at Dodge Communications provide insight into adapting emerging trends, advanced forms of media and new rules and regulations that make building a robust brand an integral part of a successful PR program.

How to develop and maintain loyal customers

Trust is complicated as it can make or break a brand’s success and reputation. Across the healthcare and financial industries, consumers are more demanding and empowered than ever before. Consumers have the ability to change brands at the flip of a switch, whether it’s their bank, physician or insurer. In other words, don’t take loyalty for granted.

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